Wonderwall Studios is a creative studio, based in Holland, that designs and produces wooden panelling for walls and surfaces. We use exclusively salvaged wood and employ local professional craftsmen.

Wonderwall Studios believes strongly in taking proper care of the communities it work in and the people
we work with. The local craftsmen it work with are professional carpenters and tradesmen. The woods we use are therefore exclusively salvaged from abandoned houses, derelict sheds, rail road-sleepers, naturally fallen trees and old floors. Anything goes really, as long as it’s reclaimed.
We are all about joyous materials and sustainability through reclamation.

All our panels are made with high quality hardwood combinations, unique essences selected for their
character and color contrast.
Each panel represents an individual work of our master craftsmen. Wood panels of different sizes and
thicknesses created to hide the joints points and give a monolithic appearance to the wall.
From the classic to the natural beauty of our woods effects, characterizing and enhancing the design of
shops, offices, public places, hotels and spas.

Wonderwall Studios is present in many European countries and in the world through partners|exclusive distributors

IWALLDESIGN S.R.L. is responsible for the promotion and exclusive distribution for Italy.